Twenty2wo is the online portfolio of Adam Beneke

A designer & maker living in Los Angeles. During the day you can find me at Rapt Studio



Born and raised in small town Ohio, I spent my youth building every LEGO set available and stacking hay bales into forts. Watching my dad and grandpa build my childhood home had a lasting impact, I wanted to build things.

I went on to study architecture and art at Miami University and was lucky enough to spend a summer studio touring Germany and The Netherlands. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2006 I've worked for several design studios in the A&D industry.

As a designer I aim to make beautiful yet practical impacts to the world around me. I am inspired by many things including Science Fiction, Printmaking, and Japanese Woodworking.

*Seriously, my dad has been collecting LEGO for more than twenty years and has an entire room full of bricks.



I've been fortunate enough to work for a variety of cool people and companies creating amazing spaces, places, experiences, and things. With experience on projects of a broad scope. From master planning and concept rendering of huge theme parks to small commercial interiors and their build-out. I've seen the full range of architectural projects from proposal preparation, through design and construction, to final photography and award submissions. Recently my role has shifted towards marketing, strategy, and studio operations.

As a design team member I've done client work for some big names including Disney, Turner Properties, Warner Brothers, and Sony in addition to much smaller personal projects and private commissions. Side projects include printmaking, illustration, and front end web development. See my LinkedIn page for more.


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